Restaurant Style Tomato soup टमाटर का सूप Easy Tomato Soup

Eating right and healthy is absolutely crucial now. What better than a soup for those in-between hunger pangs! Try my step by step recipe for Tomato soup. It's really simple to make delicious tomato soup at home. Do try and let me know :)

30 minutes
Restaurant Style Tomato soup  टमाटर का सूप  Easy Tomato Soup Recipe - Ranveer Brar


2 tbsp Oil, तेल

6-8 Tomato, roughly chopped, टमाटर

½ tsp Red chilli powder, लाल मिर्च पाउडर

¼ tsp Turmeric powder, हल्दी पाउडर

2 inch Ginger , अदरक

1 Big Garlic cloves, लहसुन

8-10 Black peppercorns, काली मिर्च

½ Black Cardamom seeds, काली इलाइची के दने

Salt to taste, नमक स्वादअनुसार

Water as required, पानी

1 tbsp Oil , तेल

2 tbsp Butter,  मक्खन

1 Big Onion, chopped, प्याज

⅓ cup Coriander stems, धनिया के डंठल

2 tbsp Sugar, चीनी

For Croutons

6 Bread slice, cubes, ब्रेड

1 tbsp Butter, मक्खन

½  tbsp Oil, तेल

½ tbsp Coriander leaves, chopped, धनिया

For Baguette  Croutons

3-4 Baguette, Slices, बगेत  ब्रेड

2 tbsp Butter, मक्खन

For Garnish

Cream, क्रीम

Coriander leaves, धनिया

Tomato, slice, टमाटर

Prepared Croutons, क्रोटोन्स


  • In a pressure cooker add oil and chopped tomatoes and saute for a minute.
  • Now add red chilli powder, turmeric powder, ginger, garlic, black peppercorns, black cardamom seeds, salt and water mix well. Close the lid and give it 2-3 whistles.
  • In a another kadhi heat oil, butter and add onion saute until translucent and add the cooked tomato mixture and cook it for another 5-6 minutes.
  • Switch off the flame add coriander stems and blend it into a fine puree with a hand blender and the strain it with a soup strainer.
  • Pour it back in the kadhi and boil it for 15 minutes.
  • Finally add sugar and give it a proper mix and switch off the flame.
  • Now serve it in a bowl and garnish with cream, prepared croutons, tomato slices and coriander leaves.
  • Your hot tomato soup is ready to serve.

For Croutons

  • Remove the sides of the bread and cut it into equal squares.
  • Heat a pan and add butter and oil, ones heated add the cut bread squares and fry them until golden brown on both sides.
  • Remove in a bowl and add chopped coriander toss properly and keep aside for later use.

For Baguette croutons

  • Cut the baguette bread diagonally in slices and apply butter on all of them.
  • Heat a grill pan and place the bread slices on it and grill until golden brown on both sides.
  • Remove and keep aside for later use.


  1. Made the soup without cream. It turned out too good. Black cardamom really made difference! Can’t believe could make such a tasty soup at home with all common ingredients. Thanks for sharing the recipe chef Ranveer.

  2. I don’t know cooking but i just watch your videos and follow the recipe. It turned out amazing, esp because of the coriander stems.

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