Bombay toast Sandwich

25 minutes
Bombay toast Sandwich Recipe - Ranveer Brar


For Potato masala

1 tbsp Oil, तेल

1 tsp Mustard seeds,  राई

1 sprig Curry leaves,  करी पत्ता

2-4 Potato, boiled, आलू

¼ tsp Asafoetida, हींग

½ tsp Turmeric powder, हल्दी पाउडर

Salt to taste, नमक स्वादअनुसार

2 Green chilli, chopped, हरी मिर्च

¼ cup Coriander leaves, chopped, धनिया पत्ती

¼ cup Green peas, boiled, हरे  मटर


For Green chutney

½ inch Ginger, peeled, slice, अदरक

2 Green chilli, हरी मिर्च

½ cup Coriander leaves,  धनिया पत्ती

¼ cup Mint leaves, पुदीना

2-4 Ice cube, बर्फ के टुकड़े

Water as required,  पानी

Salt to taste, , नमक स्वादअनुसार

1 tsp Chaat masala, चाट मसाला

Other Ingredients

4 Bread slice, ब्रेड

Butter as required, मक्खन

1 Capsicum, slice शिमला मिर्च

1 Tomato, slice  टमाटर

1 Onion, slice प्याज

2 Cheese slice, चीज़

1 Beetroot, boiled, slice,  चुकंदर

Chaat masala, चाट मसाला

Cumin powder, जीरा पाउडर

Salt to taste, नमक स्वादअनुसार

Cheese, grated, चीज़

Sev,  सेव

For Serving

Tomato ketchup

Green chutney


For Potato Masala

  • Heat oil in a nonstick pan, add mustard seeds, curry leaves let it splutter.
  • Add boiled potato and mash well.
  • Add asafoetida, turmeric powder and salt to taste and mix everything well and cook for a few minutes.
  • Add chopped green chilli, coriander leaves and green peas, mix well and cook for more 2 minutes.
  • Once it’s done, transfer it into a bowl.

For Green chutney

  • In a grinder jar, add ginger, green chilli, coriander leaves, mint leaves, ice cube and water as required grind it into a smooth paste.
  • Transfer it into a bowl, add salt to taste, chaat masala and mix well.

For Sandwich

  • Spread butter evenly on the bread slices.
  • Now spread the coriander chutney.
  • Spread the potato masala filling on the bread slices.
  • Place the slices of onion, tomato, capsicum, beetroot.
  • Sprinkle a pinch of chaat masala, salt to taste and roasted cumin powder.
  • Place the cheese slice on top.
  • Cover with the slices on which we have spread the butter and chutney.
  • In a preheated grill pan. Grease it with some butter and place the sandwiches.
  • Toast the sandwiches from both sides till crisp and golden.
  • Remove from the grill pan and spread some green chutney, grated cheese, sev on top of the sandwiches.
  • Cut into halves and Serve with tomato ketchup and coriander chutney.

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