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Banarasi Dum Aloo बनारसी भरवां दम आलू Stuffed Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is an absolute favourite with everyone. Have you tried the Banarasi style Dum aloo? This recipe is a must try. Here's a step by step video to make the Stuffed Banarasi Dum Aloo :)

Banarasi Dum Aloo  बनारसी भरवां दम आलू  Stuffed Dum Aloo Recipe - Ranveer Brar


For Dum Aloo Spice Mix

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 bay leaf

1 tsp fennel seeds

2 cloves

2 green cardamoms pods, crushed

¼ tsp fenugreek seeds

Dum Aloo Curry:

2 tbsp ghee

1 inch ginger, finely chopped

2 green chillies, slit

15 Baby Potatoes

1 cup tomato puree

Salt to taste

¼ cup yogurt

1 tsp coriander powder

¼ tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp kashmiri red chilli powder

1 tbsp cream

1 ½ cup water

Coriander leaves for garnish


For Dum Aloo Spice Mix

  • Add cumin seeds, bay lead, fennel seeds, cloves, green cardamom pods and fenugreek seeds to a pan and dry roast till fragrant.
  • Allow to cool to room temperature and grind to a fine powder. Set aside till in use.

Dum Aloo:

  • Prick the potatoes with a fork, set aside till in use.
  • Heat ghee in a pan, add green chillies and ginger, saute till fragrant.
  • Add the pricked potatoes, cook for 3-4 minute.
  • Add the tomato puree and salt, cook till the puree releases oil.
  • Mix coriander powder, turmeric powder, kashmiri red chilli powder, dum aloo spice mix and yogurt together in a bowl.
  • Add the yogurt mixture to the cooked puree, mix well and cook for 3-4 minutes on medium low flame.
  • Add cream and mix well, cook for 2-3 minutes.
  • Add water and cook till it comes to a boil.
  • Check seasoning and cook on simmer for 3-4 minutes.
  • Garnish with coriander and serve hot with Khameeri roti.

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