Easy Boondi Ladoo Recipe घर पर बनाऐं बूंदी के लड्डू

थोड़ा तीख़ा, थोड़ा मीठा , कुछ crunch और स्वाद भरपूर...Who isn't a fan of Ram Laddu, a Winter speciality sold on the streets of Delhi. Savoury vada made with lentils and garnished with radish along with mint coriander chutney. Now you can enjoy them at home. Try this simple recipe today!

35 minutes
24 laddoos
Easy Boondi Ladoo Recipe घर पर बनाऐं बूंदी के लड्डू Recipe - Ranveer Brar


For Boondi Batter

2 cups gram flour, sieved / बेसन

½ tsp yellow food color powder / पीला खाने का रंग

Ghee for deep-frying / घी

For Sugar Syrup

500 gms sugar / चीनी

500 ml water / पानी

2-3 green cardamom pods, crushed / इलाइची

2 black peppercorns / काली मिर्च

A pinch of saffron / केसर

½ tsp lemon juice / निम्बू का रस

 Other Ingredients

½ cup castor sugar / कास्टर शकर

Silver varq, for garnish / सिल्वर वर्क


For Boondi

  • To prepare boondi, add gram flour and yellow food color to a bowl, mix well.
  • Add some water and prepare a thick lump-free batter.
  • Using a perforated spoon drop in small rounds of batter into the hot ghee, deep-fry till they turn golden.
  • Remove and transfer to the prepared sugar syrup.

For Sugar Syrup

  • Add an equal amount of sugar and water in a deep-bottomed heavy pan.
  • Allow the sugar to melt completely, add in crushed green cardamom pods, black peppercorns and saffron.
  • Allow to cook until it begins to thicken to a 1 string consistency.
  • Add lemon juice to clean any dirt in the sugar, if the scum comes up then remove it using a perforated spoon.
  • Remove from flame and set aside to cool to room temperature.

For Ladoo

  • Remove the soaked boondi from the sugar syrup into a thali.
  • Mash the boondi a little with your palms, add some castor sugar, mix well.
  • Start shaping into ladoos.
  • Once prepared, garnish with silver varq and serve.

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