Baked Paneer Taco बेक्ड पनीर टाकोस

25-30 minutes
Baked Paneer Taco बेक्ड पनीर टाकोस Recipe - Ranveer Brar


  • Finely Chopped Cabbage: 1 cup
  • Onion Juliennes: 2 tsp
  • Lemon Juice: 2 tsp
  • Salt: to taste
  • Black Pepper Powder: to taste
  • Oil: 2 tsp
  • Taco Shells: 2 – 3 nos.

For Baja Sauce

  • Hung Curd: 1 cup
  • Sour Cream: 2 tbsp
  • Salt: to taste
  • Red Chilli Powder: ½ tsp

For Salsa

  • Finely Chopped Tomato: 2 tbsp
  • Finely Chopped Onion: 2 tbsp
  • Finely Chopped Jalapenos: 1 ½ tbsp
  • Finely Chopped Coriander: ¼ cup
  • Finely Chopped Garlic: 1 tsp
  • Tomato Juice: 2 tbsp
  • Salt: to taste
  • Lemon Juice: 1 tsp

For the Paneer Mixture

  • Roasted Paneer (Cottage Cheese) with Yogurt, Gram Flour and Masala: 100 gms
  • Lemon Juice: 1 tsp
  • Oil: 1 tsp
  • Salt: to taste

For Garnish

  • Parsley Leaves: as required


  • To prepare the salad; in a bowl add finely chopped cabbage, onion juliennes, lemon juice, salt, black pepper powder and oil and mix.
  • To make the baja sauce; in a bowl add hung curd, sour cream, salt and red chilli powder and mix.
  • To make the salsa; in a bowl add finely chopped tomato, finely chopped onion, chopped jalapenos, finely chopped coriander, finely chopped garlic, tomato juice, salt and lemon juice and mix.
  • Cut the roasted paneer into strips and add lemon juice, oil and salt and toss.
  • In a taco shell, add the salad, paneer strips and baja sauce. Add some more salad. Make some more tacos like this.
  • Place the ready taco on a plate and add baja sauce and salsa. Garnish with parsley leaves.

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