Thandai Kulfi ठंडाई कुल्फी

75 minutes
Thandai Kulfi ठंडाई कुल्फी Recipe - Ranveer Brar


For Thandai Masala

10 Almonds

6-8 Cashew nuts

6-8 Pistachios

1 tbsp Melon Seeds

1 tsp Poppy seeds

1 tsp Fennel Seeds

1 tsp Peppercorn

2 Cardamom pods, shell removed

Few Strands of Saffron

For Kulfi

1 litre Full Fat Milk

½ Cup Sugar

½ Cup Cream

For Garnish

2 tbsp Mixed Nuts, chopped


For Thandai Paste-

  • Soak almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, melon seeds, poppy seeds and fennel seeds in warm water for 2-3 hours.
  • Put the soaked mixture in a blender (remove skin of almond if wished), add peppercorn, cardamom, saffron and blend till very fine and smooth paste. Set aside.

For Kulfi-

  • Start boiling milk in a heavy bottom pot. Once boiled, lower the flame and keep on simmer.
  • Stir constantly so as it does not stick to the bottom.
  • Add the thandai paste and mix well. Scrap the sides and keep stirring till it reduces to the half of its original quantity.
  • Add sugar and cook for 2-3 mins. Switch off the flame.
  • Add cream and mix well. Let the mixture come to room temperature.
  • Pour in mixture in kulfi moulds or in matkas to make make matka kulfi. Keep in freezer to set overnight.
  • To get kulfi out of the mould, rub with your palms, it will get loose and slide out. Garnish with nuts and serve.

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