Spicy Orange Salad मसालेदार ऑरेंज सलाद

Spicy Orange Salad  मसालेदार ऑरेंज सलाद Recipe - Ranveer Brar


For Dressing

1 tbsp White Wine Vinegar/ Vinegar

2 tbsp Olive Oil

Salt, to taste

1 tsp Siracha Sauce/ Hot Sauce

For Salad

2 Malta Orange, Peeled/ Orange Segments, Peeled

1 Medium Onion, peeled

6-8 Black Olives, sliced

1 Small Fennel Bulb, cut into strips

2 Small Red Radish, sliced/ White Radish

Few Mint Leaves

¼ tsp Paprika Powder/ Chili Powder


  • For dressing, in a bowl take white wine vinegar.
  • Now in a stream add olive oil while whisking. Now add salt and siracha sauce, mix well. Keep aside.
  • Peel the oranges and cut them in roundels.
  • Cut the onion and slice thinly. Sperate the segments.
  • Now on a plate, arrange orange roundels. Now place onion, olives, fennel, radish on top of orange.
  • Lastly top it off with mint leaves and sprinkle paprika powder.
  • When serving drizzle some dressing and serve immediately.

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