30 minutes
Dal Baati Recipe - Ranveer Brar


For Baati

1 Cup Wheat Flour

¼ Cup Rava/ Semolina

1 tbsp Besan

1 tsp Fennel Seeds/ Fennel

½ tsp Ajwain

Salt to taste

3 tbsp Ghee, melted

½ Cup Milk, (to knead use accordingly)

Other Ingredients

Oil, for deep frying


  • For baati, combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl except milk. Mix well.
  • Now add little milk at a time and knead in to stiff dough.
  • Divide in to equal portions and make round balls.
  • Heat oil for frying. Deep fry the baatis till golden brown.
  • Remove on absorbent paper and drain off the excess oil.
  • Serve along with dal.

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