Biscuit Cake

55 minutes
Biscuit Cake Recipe - Ranveer Brar


200gms Chocolate Biscuit

½ cup Powdered Sugar

Milk, as required

1 tsp Fruit Salt 


  • Grease the baking tin with oil and line it with butter paper.
  • Take a mixer jar and add in biscuits along with powdered sugar and blend it together to a fine powder, remove in a vessel.
  • Now gently pour in milk to get the mixture into a batter consistency.
  • Lastly add in fruit salt and give it a gentle mix.
  • It shouldn’t be very thin but should be of pouring consistency.
  • Pour the prepared cake batter in the lined baking tin.
  • Heat a heavy bottom kadhai or pot on medium flame and cover the base with salt. Place a stand in it and place the cake tin on the stand. Cover with lid and cook for 50-60
  • Use a skewer or a knife to insert and check if the cake is properly cooked. If it comes out clean then it’s done and remove from the oven.
  • Let it cool down to room temperature and then remove from the tin.
  • The sponge is ready and can be eaten as it is or can also be topped with icing or glaze.

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