Lauki /Doodhi ka Halwa लौकी का हलवा आसान रेसिपी Healthy dessert recipe

40-45 minutes
Lauki /Doodhi ka Halwa लौकी का हलवा आसान रेसिपी Healthy dessert recipe Recipe - Ranveer Brar


3-4  heaped tbsp Ghee (घी)

1 Bottle gourd, pelled, thick grated (लौकी)

2 cups Milk (दूध)

A pinch baking soda  (बेकिंग सोडा)

½ cup Sugar  (चीनी)

½ tsp Cardamom powder  (इलायची पाउडर)


For Fried Nuts

1 tbsp Ghee (घी)

1 tsp Chironji (चिरौंजी)

4-5 Almonds, chopped (बादाम)

4-5 Cashew nut, chopped (काजू)


For Garnish

Rose petals  (गुलाब की पंखुड़ियां)

Silver vark  (चांदी का वर्ख)

Mint sprig  (पुदीने के पत्ते)

fried Cashew nut (तला हुआ काजू)


  • In a pot, add milk and bring it to a boil.
  • Add baking soda, and stir well.
  • In a heavy bottom pan, add ghee, grated bottle gourd and saute it well on medium flame.
  • Until the raw smell goes away and the moisture evaporates.
  • Pour the hot milk to the sauteed lauki.
  • Cook on medium flame, keep stirring constantly.
  • Now, add fried nuts and mix well.
  • Onces the milk is absorbed, add sugar. Keep stirring continuously until the halwa turns thick.
  • Now, add cardamom powder and cook for two minutes.
  • Garnished it with fried cashew, rose petals, silver vark and mint sprig.
  • Served warm or chilled.


For Fried Nuts

  • In a pan, add ghee, charoli, almonds and cashew nuts and fry until golden in color. Keep aside.

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