Gajar ka Halwa Gajrela गाजर का हलवा गजरेला Carrot Halwa

Winters are incomplete without this dish. In fact, the only thing you can think of when you see winter carrots :)

35-40 minutes
Gajar ka Halwa Gajrela गाजर का हलवा गजरेला Carrot Halwa Recipe - Ranveer Brar


For Pressure Cook

1 tbsp Ghee, घी

1 liter Milk, दूध

2 kg Winter Carrots, grated, गाजर

¼ tsp Saffron Strands

1 cup Sugar, चीनी

Toasted Nuts, भुने हुए मेवे


For Tossing Nuts

½ tbsp Ghee, घी

9-10 nos. Almonds, chopped, बादाम

9-10 nos. Cashew nuts, काजू


For Garnish

6-7 nos. Pistachios, blanched & silver,  , पिसता

Silver vrak, चांदी का वर्ख


For Pressure Cook

  • Peel and cut the carrots in halves. Then grate the carrots and keep aside in a bowl.
  • Grease the bottom of the pressure cooker with some Ghee and pour milk into it. Heat the milk thoroughly.
  • Once the milk is heated, add grated carrots into it and mix well.
  • Close the lid and cook it till 1 cooker whistle.
  • Transfer it in a kadhai and reduce the mixture for 15 minutes.
  • Add Saffron Strands and Sugar once the mixture is completely reduced and cook it well.
  • Add toasted nuts into the mixture and mix well.
  • Garnish with sliced pistachios and silver foil.
  • Serve hot.

For Toasted Nuts

  • Finely chop almonds and cashew nuts. Keep aside for further use.
  • In a pan, add some Ghee and heat it well. Once the Ghee is heated, add chopped almonds and cashew nuts into it.
  • Sauté the nuts and keep aside for further use.

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