Kali Gajar ka Halwa काली गाजर का हलवा No Khoya No Condensed Milk Gajrela

Lucknow की सर्दियों की याद ताज़ा हो जाती है. Black/Purple Carrots bring back fond memories of Lucknow winters. If you are a fan of winter veggies and especially Gajar ka Halwa too, do try this recipe..

40 minutes
Kali Gajar ka Halwa काली गाजर का हलवा No Khoya No Condensed Milk Gajrela Recipe - Ranveer Brar


For Pressure Cook

8-10 Black carrot, peeled, grated, काली गाजर

2 ½ cups Milk, दूध

3 tbsp Ghee, घी

For Frying Nuts

10-15 Almonds, slivered, बादाम

10-15 Pistachios, blanched, chopped, पिस्ता

2 tbsp Ghee, घी

For Sauteing

¼ cup Ghee, घी

Pressure cook black carrot, प्रेशर कुक काली गाजर

½ cup Sugar, चीनी

A pinch of Salt to taste, नमक

1 tbsp Honey, शहद

A drop of Vinegar, सिरका

½ tsp Green cardamom and dry ginger powder, हरी इलायची और सोंठ पाउडर

For Garnish

Silver vark, चांदी का वर्ख

Fried nuts, तले हुए मेवे

Pomegranate pearls, अनार के दाने

Mint leaves, पुदीने के पत्ते


For Pressure Cook

  • In a pressure cooker, add grated black carrot, milk and mix well.
  • Add ghee and cover and pressure cook until it turns soft.


For Frying Nuts

  • Add ghee in a pan, onces it’s melted add chopped nuts and saute on medium flame.
  • Onces it’s done, keep it aside for future use.

For Sauteing

  • In a deep bottom kadai, add ghee, pressure cooked black carrot.
  • Keep stirring occasionally and cook on medium flame.
  • Add sugar mix well and cook till sugar melts. Add salt mix well.
  • Add honey, vinegar, green cardamom and dry ginger powder and mix everything well.
  • Cook for 3-4 minutes or till the mixture is dry.
  • Add fried nuts and mix well, cook for 2-3 minutes.
  • Garnish it with fried nuts, silver vark, pomegranate pearl, mint leaves.
  • Serve hot or cold.


  1. Great recipe… tasty…had some extra black carrots at home after making kanji… learnt a new recipe…

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