Vrat ka Fruit Custard without powder or cornflour व्रत की बिना कस्टर्ड पाउडर की रेसिपी

25-30 minutes
Vrat ka Fruit Custard without powder or cornflour  व्रत की बिना कस्टर्ड पाउडर की रेसिपी Recipe - Ranveer Brar


For Custard

1 ltr Milk (दूध)

80 ml Milk (दूध)

2 tbsp Powdered Sabudana (पिसा हुआ साबूदाना)

1 tsp Vanilla Essence (वनीला एसेंस)

2-4 tbsp Saffron Water (पानी में भीगा हुआ केसर)

2-3 tbsp Sugar (चीनी)

1 tbsp Butter (मक्खन)


For Fruits

½ Apple – diced (सेब)

½ Banana – diced (केला)

¼ Pear – diced (नाशपाती)

2-3 Red Grapes – cut in half (लाल अंगूर)

Prepared Custard (तैयार किया हुआ कस्टर्ड)


For Garnish

few Pomegranate Pearls (अनार के दाने)

Silver Warq (चांदी का वर्ख)

Rose Petals (गुलाब की पंखुड़ियां)



  • Firstly in a bowl mix 80 ml milk and powdered sabudana properly and keep aside for further use.
  • Now in a kadai add milk and heat it up as soon as it’s hot add vanilla essence, saffron water then milk & sabudana mixture and cook it properly until it is thick.
  • Then with a hand blender blend it properly until smooth.
  • Now continue cooking for 2 minutes then add sugar and cook for 5 minutes until the mixture is smooth and shiny.
  • Take a strainer and strain this mixture properly in a bowl add the butter and keep aside to cool down properly.
  • Meanwhile in a serving bowl add apple, banana, pear, red grapes then the prepared custard on it fruit.
  • Garnish with pomegranate pearls, silver warq, rose petals and serve chilled.


  1. Made this fruit custard today for my fast, whole family loved it. Awesome taste and texture. Thank you chef for such amazing recipe😊

  2. I tried this recipe of vrat ka fruit custard today for my fast, and not only me but my whole family loved it. Thank you chef Ranveer Brar for such an amazing and yummy recipe❤

  3. It’s so nice to watch you cook and learn new fun recipes, which some of them we have never seen before, thanks for sharing your wisdom.

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