Easy Upma recipe for breakfast उपमा बनाने का आसान तरीका

Easy Upma recipe for breakfast  उपमा बनाने का आसान तरीका Recipe - Ranveer Brar


For Sautéing Rava

1 ½ tbsp ghee / घी

1 cups/ 165 gms bombay rava/ sooji / रवा

For Upma

3 tbsp oil (any refined oil) / तेल

1 tsp mustard Seeds / राई

1 tbsp gota urad/ whole polished urad / गोटा उरद दाल

1 tbsp chana dal/ bengal gram / चना दाल

8 no cashew nuts, cut into half / काजू

1 tbsp ginger, chopped / अदरक

1 medium onion, chopped / प्याज़

1 medium fresh green chilli, chopped / हरी मिर्च

12-15 no curry leaves / कड़ी पत्ता

3 ½ cups water / पानी

Salt to taste / नमक स्वाद अनुसार

¼ tsp sugar / चीनी

1 wedge of lime / निम्बू

1 tbsp fresh coriander leaves with it’s tender stems, chopped / धनिया

1 tbsp ghee / घी


  • Heat ghee in kadhai and heat. Add rava and saute for 2-3 minutes on low flame. Stir continuously while stirring so that every grain of rava should coat with a ghee evenly. Remove from the flame and keep aside for later use.
  • For Upma, heat oil in a same kadhai and splutter mustard seeds, followed by chana dal, gota urad and cashew nuts. Saute until they turn light brown.
  • Now add ginger and cook for a minute until ginger releases its raw smell.
  • Add onion, green chilli and curry leaves and saute until onion turn translucence.
  • Add in water, salt, sugar and allow it to boil. When it starts boiling allow it it to boil for a 2 minute. In this way all the flavors will infuse in water.
  • Now at this stage add in prepared rava. Stir continuously while cooking to avoid any lumps.
  • When almost all the water is absorbs reduce the flame (make sure it must have porridgey consistency) and cover with the lid for 1 minute.
  • Remove the lid and sprinkle lime juice, coriander leaves and ghee. Mix well.
  • Serve immediately.


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