Rava Uttapam with Chutney झटपट रवा उत्तपा Instant Rawa Uthappam

Jhatpat Fatafat breakfast idea! Perfect Sunday breakfast to enjoy with family. Try my recipe for Rava Uthappam and let me know how you like it :)

30 minutes
Rava Uttapam with Chutney  झटपट रवा उत्तपा  Instant Rawa Uthappam Recipe - Ranveer Brar


1 cup Semolina, सूजी

½ cup Curd, beaten, दही

Salt to taste, नमक स्वादअनुसार

½ cup Water, पानी

2 tsp Oil, तेल

½ tsp Baking soda,  बेकिंग सोडा

For Chutney

1 tbsp Sesame oil, तिल का तेल

½ tsp Mustard seeds,  सरसों के बीज

½ tsp Urad dal, उरद दाल

1 sprig Curry leaves, करी पत्ता

2 dry Red chilli, सूखी लाल मिर्च

½ inch Ginger, slice, अदरक

1 medium slice Onion, slice, प्याज

4 medium Tomato, cube, टमाटर

1 tbsp Tamarind pulp, इमली का गूदा

1 tsp Red chilli powder, लाल मिर्च पाउडर

½ tbsp Jaggery, गुड़

For Topping

1 medium size Onion, finely chopped, प्याज

Coriander leaves, finely chopped, धनिया पत्ती

1 medium size Tomato, finely chopped, टमाटर

A pinch of Red chilli powder, लाल मिर्च पाउडर

1 Green chilli, chopped, हरी मिर्च


For Batter

  • In a bowl, add semolina, curd, salt to taste and water mix well. Rest for a few minutes.
  • In another small bowl, add oil and baking soda and mix it well.
  • Transfer this mixture into the batter and mix well.
  • Heat a non-stick pan, pour a ladle full of batter in round shape.
  • Sprinkle some chopped onion, coriander leaves,tomato, green chilli and red chilli powder.
  • When the base is firm, flip it and cook it on the other side until it is cooked well. Cook on medium flame.
  • Serve hot rava uttapam with chutney.

For Chutney

  • Heat sesame oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, urad dal, curry leaves let it splutter well.
  • Add dry red chilli, ginger saute it well.
  • Add slice onion saute for 2 minutes.
  • Add tomato and mix well and cook for 2-4 minutes on medium flame.
  • Add tamarind pulp, red chilli powder and Jagger saute everything well. Switch off the flame.
  • Once the mixture is cooldown transfer it into the grinder jar and grind into smooth paste.
  • Transfer it into a bowl.


  1. This rava uttapam with chutney recipe offers a quick easy breakfast option. The semolina based uttapam is prepared by mix semolina, curd, water, and other ingredients to create a flavorful batter. It’s a delicious and convenient choice for a any morning family breakfast.

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