Sour cream potato shells by Madhav sharma

Course: Starters

Category: Veg

Preparation Time: 25 _ 30 min

Cooking Time: 20 _ 30 min

Serving Size: 120 _ 150 gm


Crust 2 medium potatoes

2 ½ tbs corners starch

5 tbs breadcrumbs

Salt and pepper.

Filling 1 capsicum

4 to 5 pices mushrooms

½ boiled sweetcorn

½ Cheeses

2 tbs pasta or pizza sauce


chilli flake

, 2tbs butter. And sour cream


  1. Crust boiled medium potatoes Add corners starch,breadcrumbs Salt and pepper and make a dough. A butter and then add pizza sauce sauté for 1 min then add all vegetables salt and pepper and little amount of water cook till water evaporate After that add chilli flakes and oregano add cheese at last .
  2. Baking Preheat at 210 . Grease tart shell Place tart crust in shell and grease butter inside also. .bake for 20 to 25 min or brown. Assemble Baked potato tarts shell Add little sour cream Add filling ( more chilli flakes and oregano).

Special notes/Tips: .Crust dough should be smooth no lumps in it . .sour cream can be replaced by myonesse, or any other sauce that have rich texture and little bit of sourness in it . .bake crust till golden brown.

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