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New Season New Life

We’ve talked quite a bit about changing seasons and how festivals and festival food came about to honour the seasonal changes.

Fasting during the spring-summer season across cultures signifies a much deeper understanding of and need for healthy eating and abstinence to ensure seamless transition for our body, especially our digestive system.

The onset of spring is observed the world over.. and in many cultures co-celebrates a good harvest as well, as we do.

Easter is one such observance. The fasting/abstaining during Lent helps the body stay off heavy food while the new season settles in, which in turn helps discipline the body and mind.

And beyond the hot cross buns and eggs and religious significance, Easter also symbolises resurrection of life after the cold winter.

(Hot cross buns recipe )


And yes, food plays an important part too.. For example, the very inclusion of eggs in the celebration symbolises fertility, new life.


In the French town of Haux, the residents gather together to make a huge omelette, a tradition credited to a visit by Napolean and his army!

Or the Fresh fava beans and pecorino cheese, a typical Spring pairing popular in Italy during Easter.

So here’s to new life and happy, healthy seasons ahead…

Happy Easter 🙂

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