Paneer ghee roast biryani by Preetvikram Singh

Recipe Submitted by Preetvikram Singh

Course: Lunch

Category: Veg

Preparation Time: 15 mins

Cooking Time: 45 mins

Serving Size: 2 people


Paneer (400gms)

Guntur chillies(8nos)


Onions (4 nos)

Coriander seeds(10gms)

Bay leaf(2 leaves)

Curry leaves(100 GM’s)

Tamarind water Kevra water Saunf(10 GM’s)

Cumin(10 GMs)

Oil( 10ml)

Ghee(100 gms approx)

Basmati rice


Pudina or Coriander


1.First add all the chillies to a pan and dry roast them

2.Then keep them aside, and add bay leaf (1),saunf,cumin,coriander seeds to the pan and dry roast them : Then add all the whole spices in a mixer and add tamarind water, water, a teaspoon of curd , and curry leaves and grind them until u have a paste like consistency ;Then on the side wash the rice and boil them until they are cooked 70 percent

3. Then shallow fry the panneer until it’s brown ; Then use the same ghee and add chopped onions in it and cook them until they are translucent and add the chilli paste cook it until it’s cooked and then add salt, sugar/jaggery and a bunch of curry leaves (isme kanjoosi nahi karni) and keep them aside

4.Then the main step Add curd(whisked) in a bowl and add the ghee roast panner in it Then add some barista(fried onions in it) after that some biryani masala(very less) and stir it

5. Now let assemble the briyani Add the panneer ghee roast Then add some kevra water And add the rice and then add coriander,curry leaves and pudina And put it on low flame for 20 mins After that open it and put a coal and ghee and let the smoke come and Voilà ur panner ghee roast biryani is cooked serve hot

:-)Special notes/Tips: Ghee aur curry patemain kanjusi nahi karni nahi to aap bolenge preet aapone bataya nahi

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