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Time for Nostalgia

There are times when something sends us into a nostalgic spiral, right?

One of the main reasons I love travelling, apart from the food, is the randomness of it, where some incident or some person just randomly triggers a deep felt emotion.

One day, while shooting for a show near a school in Belagavi (earlier Belgaum), I ambled around watching the vendors that typically wait outside school gates. One elderly Bhutta vendor came over and handed me a bhutta saying – “तुम भुट्टा इतने प्यार से देख रहे थे.. लो खाओ” (“You were looking at the roasted corn so longingly, here…take one“), just that.. and he left.


And that simple gesture made me recall the vendors outside my school (coincidentally this school was also St.Paul’s, same name as my school in Lucknow). It made me realise this uniqueness about these vendors; maybe because they deal with children, there’s still some innocence left beyond the sense of business.

We didn’t realise that as kids, but the way they patiently catered to the cacophony around them. They would hand out the wares, chavanni (25paise) kam padh jaaye, toh “koi baat nahin, kal de dena” (if we fell short of a few paise, they would coolly ask us to bring it the next day), or the extra 2 pinches of chooran, ber or Ram laddoo they dropped into your paper bag as compliments.
We would just leave with a thank you, feeling lucky and happily munching..

It’s much later that we realise those extra portions were part of how they make their living. Children come and go and as we move on in life we reminisce on our school days, teachers, friends but we rarely remember these vendors.


That day, standing outside another St.Paul’s, nearly 2 decades later, this gentleman, Nizaam chacha stirred my emotions inexplicably…


  1. I m so happy u still have that golden heart which u have in ur school days. People use to forget these vendors when they grow old.. sir u r such a lovely person n u have gold heart.
    I m so happy that u are coming onn7 aug lucknow. I m also from lucknow. I m ur huge fan. U are my inspiration. Thank u for being there for us. Reading ur posts n watching every video makes me feel so happy. Bcz of u i learnt so many great recipes.

  2. these are things we do forget or never occur to us as kids..but yes your post would make a lot of people nostalgic!!! beautifully written!!!

  3. Ranveer, after my husband and my son Ishaann (same name as your son’s……. I know) it is invariably, you who I can not live without seeing. Not because of your recipes alone but also the person you are. Whatever little we get a hint from your write-up and videos. The emotional side of yours somehow makes me believe that you are quite alike me. Waise, I’m a Bengali 🥰 made chicken biryani even before. Made this Sunday following your video. Hamne toh biriyani kha li. Aap duwaon bhari tarif kha lijiye.
    Ishaann ko bhi Binani( that’s what he calls it) bohot pasand hai.

    Aapke Ishaan ke liye meri taraf se bohot Sara pyar. Aap ke liye dher sari duway. Keep smiling and glowing. Love you Ranveer.

  4. I am a huge fan of yours chef but I love you for your kindness, your lovable nature and a good sanskari beta. Many more to say. God bless you with good health, wealth, wisdom. Lots of love❤ and good luck 👍

  5. Yes,ranveer even I recall my school days vendors.last time when I have been to India I went to my school and met vendor was the same of my school changed.u r a humble person.god bless u

  6. You expressed your emotions very nicely. I too think the same way, I love samosas from my school days, and the same vendor is still there. Whenever I visit Varanasi, I go and eat his samosas for sure. Lots of love ❤️ and we are always with you❤stay blessed

  7. So nice of you Chef even I am a huge fan of you. You visited our place. I couldn’t meet you. So kind of you that u clicked the photo with the butta chacha. I felt very nostalgic remembering as school children we used to wait for ice gola wala, vatta wala. During summer immli masala we call it in local language gigali we used to get. Still we get that gigali but that taste is lost somewhere. Those days were different. To get money from parents it was very difficult. But some friends used to give treat and we were happy with small treat. Thanks Chef hope we meet you in future when u come to Belgaum. God bless you and inspire with your cooking.

  8. The sharp contrast in the black and white picture brings out another shade of our Chef ! Always learning always evolving!! Who knows if the randomness of meeting people is by design of this Universe 😇

  9. Please try dal n rice flour chilla or omelette as healthy as possib please talk abt nutrition values n techniques

  10. Today I know about your another side your blog takes me into my school days and that line we know our teachers friends class fellow hardly know about vendors….feel fresh while reading it

  11. It’s rare that you come accross a truly heart warming message on social media these days. This post reminded me of me running to buy Vada pavs before I caught my bus back home from school . Thanks for the lovely post.

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