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The food map concept …….Cuisine as we will know it

The average Indian’s understanding of cuisine and its varied implications is a subject of study both for the chef and the food enthusiast.
As I look into 2014 I see that the average Indian is getting very aware of his “culinary surroundings” or the cuisine, its timing and its relevance. In general.. now people take pride in eating healthy food that is both local and seasonal .there was a time when eating mangoes in winter or snow peas in summers was a matter of great pride , not any more . The average Indian’s understanding of the principle” least travelled and most opportune “ food being the healthiest has clearly come to bright light .
Heres the benefits of this trend , being more aware causes me , the “eater” to look out for detail in local food . The good part is that the rich culinary heritage of the country provides a lot of such detail. In India food doesn’t only change with the seasons but with the village as well and its this seasonal local cuisine that I foresee as trend in this year.
Indian food is not confined within the political boundaries of the state, In a recent conversation with Mr Abhay Mangal das , the owner of House of Mangal Das. I realised that the food map of india is very different from the political map and its this food map that will come to the fore in times to come  . For example Gujarat and Rajasthan borders don’t necessarily imply a cuisine change, however other aspects like culture , dialect and climate do.
I am sure people will (and they already are) ask about the food from specific culinary regions (malwan , sindhudurg, kolhapur , puneri ) rather than generic (read Maharashtrian food ).
Similarly the cuisine of Punjab will get to be known for Malwa , Majha and Doaba food (and Lahori food of course).its a welcome change that I am looking forward to and a change that Indian cuisine deserves .
So heres the deal
1 be aware of the culinary map of your surroundings  and the culinary regions around you
2 Eat Local, food that travels a lot loses a lot of nutrition
3 Trust nature and Eat seasonal, nature knows your body and its seasonal needs … it does

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  1. Hi Chef,
    Just few years back i came to know about the BANDEL CHEESE from your show..and I was interested to know about this..
    And I started to learn about the cheese…the history, origin..
    And I worked with these Cheese…and prepared many recipes with the cheese and all of my recipes published in leading media…of Kolkata.
    Am thankful to you for introducing us with this old cheese….

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