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Inspiration to Cook

One can cook anywhere, you just need a fire, a knife and a cutting board…Agree? And yes, local ingredients. Rediscovering India via our railway lines for a Television show, I came across 2 locations where I just had to stop and cook.


The first was by the Sambhar Salt Lake, Rajasthan, India’s biggest inland salt lake and home to not just salt, but winged visitors too.When I was a kid, my grandfather would tell me – “Be like salt”. It was only after becoming a chef that I understood its significance. Salt enhances the true flavours of all other ingredients in a dish, be it sweet or savoury, without standing out on its own. It’s only noticed when it’s less or more. Likewise for being a good human being, na kam na zyaada.

That day, shoveling through the water, picking up those salt crystals at source, I felt a connect with Salt and food like I had never felt before.I just couldn’t let this opportunity pass and not cook at that location! It was…perfect.


Another place where I set up shop was this cliff overlooking the Dudhsagar falls. It was just around monsoon, there were unexpected showers, but that’s when these falls are at their exotic best.The four-tiered falls are undoubtedly the major point of attraction in the Konkan Railway stretch.

Looking at the Western ghats up close, cloaked in the after-shower greenery, anyone can feel inspired to cook and that’s just what I did.Prawns and coconut picked up on the way, potatoes washed in the mist that rose from the falls and kokum + other spices from my “Chef’s special Potli”, I made a no-oil Kokum-Prawn Pulao.

Trust me, having that pulao in that setting, was an ethereal experience that words cannot justify.And yes, we left a major share for the monkeys too!


Having cooked at kitchens across the world, from Munir Ustad’s Kebab shop to my restaurants & even cruise kitchens, cooking at places this close to nature, was an unparalleled experience for me.

Have you come across such inspirational locations too?

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  1. Hey Ranveer,
    Hope you are doing well and safe!

    Your story and blogs are really inspiring the youth . Please keep posting those blogs .


  2. I really love the way u speaking.i m from Bangladesh…plz share a recipe from our kitchen.have a nice journey.

  3. Agar Atni achi location akele akele kar di to humare liye Ek Video b bana dete Bhai 👍… So us cheez ka hum bhi Luft utha sakte…👍😊…

  4. Ranveer ji … I am a big fan of you n your cooking… And very excited about your new show … All over Indian Rail Line … Open Cooking in Nature … Will have Fun watching you …. Great Thought …. Enjoy ☺️

  5. Yes,
    I Have Roasted Pineapple with cumin & pepper powder in an island… The name of Place is papikondalu.. It is in Telangana

  6. I like ur recipes n ur way of narrating any incident. I have seen almost all ur shows in living foodz. Keep Cooking n Smiling All d Best..

  7. Hi sir..
    It’s been Inspirational to see ur cooking videos to a normal house wife like me..
    Some items really make me mouthwatering that I want that recipe to prepare immediately..

    Thanks for all sir..

    Ita great pleasure for me if I receive any liking for my comment that i had posted.. Which feels as if I talks to u directly..
    U r simply super sir..
    Take care
    Stay safe

  8. I’m your biggest fan.. when i watching your cooking videos always made me want to try. I just wanted to cooking like yours.

  9. I’m your biggest fan.. i wonder how you can cook,sing and entertain all at the same time … i wish i had a chance to see you cooking live

  10. Dear Ranvirji,
    I started cooking at the age of 47 looking at your inspirational videos and with surprise, the entire family enjoyed the food very much. So tried many dishes from your menu and every time, we all delighted. Thanks for sharing so many recopies and creating such desire for cooking. Keep sharing inspiring dishes.

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