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Fasting – the science beyond


We have long since established a scientific logic prevailing behind our socio-religious practices, both at the spiritual and culinary levels. That includes the seasonal change in food patterns, as also fasting.
Fasting or vrat in its varying degrees, from complete to partial abstinence is an essential detox for our digestive system.

Take Navratri for instance. There are two major Navratris in a year (four in all). Both of these occur during major seasonal shifts – beginning of spring and autumn. These are also times when the human immunity level is at its lowest. Eating light and avoiding rich, heavy and spicy foods helps the body adjust to the new season naturally.


That brings us to the importance of eating right during fasts. Getting plenty of energy and fibre rich foods while staying hydrated is the order of the day. Hence why there is inclusion of more millets as grain substitutes and not surprisingly so, considering that millets were an Indian staple in the days of yore.

And it’s not just Navratri that highlights the significance of fasts. Similar science revolves around fasting on Ekadashi, the 11th day in the lunar cycle. Atmospheric pressure being the lowest on Ekadashi, makes it apt to abstain from heavy foods to sustain the mind-body balance. The concept is simple and similar for the most part. Eating light puts less pressure on the digestive process, helping the senses stay alert and active.

So this season, while you observe fasts and enjoy the feasts, don’t forget to honour what your body truly needs.

Here’s a light yet energy rich recipe to try..




300 gms sweet potato – boiled, peeled & diced
½ green apple, diced
½ red apple, diced
Few spinach leaves, roughly shredded or chiffonade
Few Walnuts, roughly broken
1 tbsp chaat masala
1 tbsp chili powder
1 tbsp cumin seeds – roasted and powdered
2 tbsp yogurt, beaten
Lemon juice-to taste
Fresh Coriander, chopped
Fresh mint, chopped


1. In a mixing bowl add cumin seed powder, chili powder, chaat masala and lime juice and mix well.
2. Now add sweet potato, diced apples, spinach, walnuts and mix well.
3. Transfer to serving bowls and pour remaining seasoning on top.
4. Sprinkle the chopped coriander and mint leaves and serve immediately. Optional to serve with whisked yogurt too.

Here are some more Vrat recipes to inspire you – https://bit.ly/VratRecipesbyRB


  1. nice recipe as well as need of fasting .I like your presentations and recipes as it is not loaded
    with aura of a 5 star chef but looking as one of us

  2. Splendid.A reminder of Indian cult ,culture , belives through food,fast,hydration,imp.of fibre,

  3. Excellent, lucid and timely article. Thank you so much Dear Ranveer. So far only watching your YT posts.
    First time reading such a blog.

  4. You always give details for every recipe really very good of you i love to watch all your recipes thank you so much god bless you

  5. Chef , why this recipe does not contain any type of salt?
    No SALT either normal or sendha
    Recipe is SUPER TASTY but does not contain SALT why?

  6. The science behind the fast is really amazing I wish every indian can get through your blog and get correct knowledge about the science behind the fast.

  7. Love the minute details you share,Chef and definitely the science behind it, the reasons behind it. Respect you more and more for all that you do. God bless!

  8. In our culture (bengali), fasting means not eating for a day… There are fasting we call nirjala uposh, means you can’t even drink water.. and it is bad for health.. fasting or not eating something light and healthy, specially fibre rich food is always good❤️

  9. Recipe is good, light and healthy. But we cannot eat chat masala and spinach and red chilli in navratras.

  10. Beautifully explained science behind our tradition and religious aspects.
    I would love to know more about scientific facts behind our socio religious practices so that we can pass on foolproof message to younger generation

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