CRYSTAL GAZING …. food in 2014

 I look at the food industry as a business that runs on a demand created by changing Cultural and food attitudes/tendencies. Various concepts and culinary aspects (techniques, flavors, and ingredients) just fill in the need for that food attitude.
Here are some food attitudes that will rule the roost in 2104

the need for small … we all have learnt to accept the fact that small portions are here to stay. They have taken the form of mono portions on buffets or sampler platters and soup shots. The next big trend is the glorification of the cupcake which has started but is going to continue in an even bigger scale with more varieties, more artistic elements and more serving styles like cupcake Christmas trees .

the need for no fuss dining … this is a visible trend that has led to an eruption of casual cafes serving good food and drinks , this trend is going to manifest itself in Izikayas , small and simple Japanese style bars / eateries where you would drop in for a quick drink aand bite after work .

the love for eastward travel  …The Indian subcontinent has found a second home in Thailand and Singapore and like the rest of the world we have learnt to love Japan for (most of) its food the country that will a mark this year is Korea with its unique style of barbeque

the curious foodie cult  … theres a fast growing bunch of food loving individuals that want to try out new stuff and they have allowed chefs to more creatively express themselves. The popularity of offal cuisine and molecular gastronomy are clear products of this tendency. Molecular gastronomy is here to stay , but in India it will reflect more in the dessert side of things with nitro ice creams, fruit foams , espuma desserts etc

All things Indian … fusion was out long ago ,(trust me it was never meant to be) . But theres a definite place for a detailed regional local cuisine concepts like coorgi , Majha , surati etd that will definitely make a mark this year . the fall of the rupee and the food laws making imports a little more painful will only aid to this process

Life beyond Italy and Mexico … the world obsession with Italian and Mexican cuisine has started dying down with Spanish and Nordic restaurants booming in Europe and Venezuelan and Peruvian cuisine establishing itself in the US this trend will travel to India in 2014 for sure .Quinoa is going to be king and our introduction to Aztec cuisine

Prediction is a risky business especially when it’s about your own field of work .
The January Articles on trending food are an interesting read for the simple reason that they give an insight into what line a chef is going to tread this year.

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