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Chhappan Bhog & the Rasas in Food

Food has always been a major part of all our celebrations, large and small. Of them, the Chhappan Bhog has to be the heartiest, with as many as 56 dishes prepared for Lord Krishna, during Janmashtami and also for Govardhan puja post Diwali.
But why 56?

Legend has it that Lord Krishna held up the Govardhan mountain for 7 days at a stretch to protect the villagers & livestock. Apparently Shri Krishna typically had 8 meals a day. Once the rains stopped, villagers offered their thanksgiving by preparing the Annakuta or mountain of food made up of the 8 meals per day multiplied times 7 = 56.


The actual dishes vary across regions but typical offerings include –

Butter, yogurt, Ghee, Rice, Mohan Bhog, Shakkarpara, Ghewar, Rabri, Shrikhand, Khichdi, rice, Puri, Saag (cooked greens), Kadhi, dry nuts, papad, chutneys & more.

Of these, the dairy & sweet preparations are placed closest to the Lord as they are believed to be dearer to Him.
But beyond the concept & legend behind the bhog, I feel there’s a larger philosophy at work.

Our 5 fingers have 5 rasas – Sweet, Salty, Sour, Spicy & Savoury. When we cook with our hands, these five rasas get transferred to the food.
Interestingly, Rasa can also connote the kind of relationship one can have with Shri Krishna. These are five in number too – Santa, Dasya, Sakya, Vatsalya & Madhurya.

Rasa, is basically a source of emotion, just like food, it brings joy, brings back memories & opens up conversations.
When food is prepared for & offered to God, Lord Krishna in this case, it is believed to become even more sacred.
In Sri Jagannath Temple, Puri, it’s a daily ritual to offer no less than 56 dishes to the deity.

At the Shri SwamiNarayan temple in London, every year the Annakut is a grand display that stretches over seven tiers, with more than 1000 dishes, stretching over 85 feet!

All of this food, being ‘accepted’ by Krishna & then distributed among his devotees symbolises the Rasas or relationship with Him being established. Isn’t that beautiful?
So, this Janmashtami, let’s celebrate the Rasas of our oneness with God with the Rasas in food.


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  4. It’s really wonderful to know the philosophy behind 56 blog,Thankyou Chef for sharing this and happy Janamasthami

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  14. Thnku for thi valueble information chef
    As we all know about Lord Krishna that he raised the Govardhan mountain to save the villagers but has made himself aware of its nuances.

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  16. Thanks chef for sharing the story or may be the logic behind chhappan bhog.
    I might not be able to prepare 56 dishes, but I will definitely try as much as possible.
    My 7 year old boy wants to have a chocolate cake for Krishna’s birthday.
    I guess that is going to be one of the dishes and hope Krishna accepts our offerings.
    Happy Krishna janmashtmi to you and all who might be reading this comment.


  17. Beautifully explained ❀️
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  25. Hi Ranveer,
    It’s awesome to read this, I always keeps you following and the way you describe spice route n food trail. By profession I m a techie entrepreneur. But I love to cook food try different recipe and to serve and keep trying new recipes.
    One more thing please do visit Puri Jagannath temple and unfold the chappan bhog daily prepared and offered to lord Jagannath on religiously.
    It would be our honour n privilege to host you and your family to the land of Kalinga(Odisha) β€œIndia’s best kept secret”

  26. You make every dish so special by sharing the beautiful stories behind them… thank you for sharing with commoners like us the importance of every dish..

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  28. What a philosophical thought! Loved the explanation – especially about the 5 rasas in our hand that gets transferred to the food during cooking! Always love your blog and videos. Thank you!

  29. Thank you sir for such informative and articulate account of chhappan bhog. It’s a great pleasure to know about our rich heritage. You do this job quite effectively.

  30. Amazing thank you for sharing this knoweldge with us till now I don’t know about 56 bhog the knowledge and the story and relation which you share is amazed me thank you so much sir

  31. Krishnam vande jagadgurum. Thank you so much for elevating the significance of food and its divine role in all our evolution process. Love the way u bring in logic hodden in history of any food or culinary practices. Great tribute to our ancestors…..not just food also enlightening us about lifestyle in general.

  32. I could visualize you standing in studio and showing 5 Rasas with your hands and describing the food.. with special focus on Ghee and Butter.. and then wearing that mischievous smile like Krishna himself.

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  36. If this all is not make believe no one told them about the fact that sugar is poison and eating so much butter and ghee is not good for the body. Human beings are the only animals who drink another animals milk….milk is very bad for our kidneys…..too much food was consumed. Preparing do much food for a deity is a pity when so many real people go hungry every day.

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