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Aam ki Khaas baat

Stop! Don’t throw away the seed. I recall Biji asking us to preserve the “Aam ki Gutli”.

As kids we thought the only possible recycling for Mango seeds was to re-plant them for the next set of crops. always, we were to discover yet another aspect of resourcefulness of the Indian kitchen.

Having devoured Mangoes all summer would naturally have its consequences on the digestive system. That’s when Biji’s magic cure came in. She would powder the dried Mango seeds, mix about a spoonful with honey & feed it to us. That’s it! Our stomach & palate would be back on track.

I’ve always believed & propagated that minimal to no wastage has been the mainstay of our culinary practices. & even beyond that, it’s how nature intended the ecosystem to be, whole & complete in itself.


Take the Mango tree for example. Since time immemorial, the tender stems & leaves have been used for cleansing & healing teeth.
Mango leaves also have natural antibiotic & antibacterial properties. Ever wondered why we are asked to hang Mango & neem leaves over our home thresholds during festivals? There you go 😊

Bhojana Kutuhalam, a brilliant set of manuscripts written by Sri Raghunath Ganesa Navahasta, describes the benefits of each component of the fruit in detail.

Mango peel, with its natural astringent properties makes for an excellent palate cleanser & digestive.
Mango blossoms, help in naturally curing/ balancing the Vata-Pitta doshas in our body & also purifying the blood.


Raw Mango, a natural antioxidant, stimulates the immune system and in addition to preventing dehydration, helps improve vision and aids digestion. [Click for Aam Panna Recipe]

Mango seeds are dried & used in curing digestive disorders. Dried Mango seed stews are still a go-to home remedy in many a Tamilian household, especially villages.


Not to forget Mango butter, a by product of cold pressing Mango seeds, that’s widely used in the cosmetic industry.

Mango season is now nearly over. But if you do see Mango seeds being dried on terraces or verandahs, you now know why! Kisi ne sach hi kaha hai – Aam ke aam, Gutliyon ke daam!!


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