Frozen yogurt but made it healthy by Shormili

Preparation Time: 5 mins

Cooking Time: 3 hours

Serving Size: 1-2


1. Yogurt/curd ( I use homemade curd which I make )

2. Cheese cloth or any light febric

3. Normal Oats ( it’s needed but if don’t have oats flour can also be used but I always use oats )

4. Fresh cream or heavy cream

5. Honey ( sugar also can be used but honey is healthier so I use it)

6. Vanilla essence ( but if you want to make other flavour it can also be used )

7. Optional but good if fresh fruits, dry fruits can also be added.


Take the febric and pour 1/2 cup of curd/yogurt and hang it overnight or till all the water drained.

Take a blender add chilled fresh cream or heavy cream.

Add the hang curd.

Add the sweetner according to your test.

Add 2 tbsp of oats flour ( blending oats into fine ) One tsp ( or one cap ) of vanilla essence or any other essence you like blend it until it’s smooth.

Test it if it’s ok then good or else add lil honey or needed thing but curd need to hung because it’s become icy.

Then put it into a container freeze for 30 mins then mix it and put it back repeat the process like 3-4 times then let it freeze for 2-3 hours.

If you want to add fresh fruits or chocolate chips or dry fruits then you can add it and mix it before putting it into the freezer for the first time or if want you can decorate it with it along with any other syrups ( like chocolate syrup or caramel sauce etc).

Special notes/Tips: Don’t add watery curd it makes the frozen yogurt icy not creamy. Blend it smooth. If you don’t have cream then you can use frozen banana or other fruits, in this matter oats will not be needed and also you can serve it right after. If possible don’t add store brought yogurts became it have added preservatives and sugar ( I know it tests good but…)

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