what recipe books never tell you

Few tips and tricks every cook in the kitchen must know. 




1) Always keep space for residual cooking
Food keeps cooking even when it is taken off the flames. The same has to be kept in mind so as not to overcook any dish.
2) Always keep a spoon with you:
Keep tasting your food at regular intervals for 2 reasons;
A) You can fix it before it goes horribly wrong.
B) If it comes out really good you will know at what stage you made the difference.
3) Never use tea spoons/table spoons while putting ingredients to cook :
Our hands give the best estimate to cooking. Also, in a lot of recipes, quantity of spices simply can’t be multiplied by themselves but we gradually need to reduce the quantity per recipe for a consistent taste.
4) Use a lots of gadgets
Modern chefs use a lot of gadgets for mixing, grinding, pulverising, blending for 2 reasons
A) It saves time.
B) It gives a much better finish and mouthfeel.
5) When in doubt strain
Whether we are making sauces, soups, stocks and gravies. This allows for better texture and the cleaner flavour.
6) Oven temperatures are mere guidelines
There is always hot and cold parts in any oven; hence using baking temperature as the rule of the thumb generally adversely affects the products.
7) Cooking is not about speed, it’s about control
It is important to be on top of the cooking process all the time. If we can manage doing that for five dishes or one is secondary.
8) Fresh is foremost
The ingredients that you use when you cook have to be the freshest possible at all times. Whether it’s the cut veggies or meat or pastes and powders. The fresher the better.
9) Be confident… Let it “be”
If you are looking, you are not cooking. This holds good especially for slow cooking and barbecue type foods. You have to be confident and let the food be. Let the heat do its job. If you keep opening the lid it’s only gonna delay and inversely affect the process.
10) In the end it’s about the palate
Food is as good or as bad as it tastes. Behind any complicated foreign recipe lies an inherent taste that the recipe brings . Feel that taste in your mind and start.

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