Savoury Amaranth Waffle by Bavika


For Waffle Batter
1/2 Cup Pumpkin purée
2 Cups Amaranth flour
3/4 Cups Soy milk
1 tsp Oil
1 Potato, boiled & peeled
1/4 tsp salt
A pinch of baking soda

For Filling 
¼ Cup Paneer, grated
1 tsp Coriander, chopped
¼ Cup Corn, boiled
Salt to taste
Chaat masala, to taste

For Hummus:

1/2 Cup White Channa
1 Potato, boiled
1/2 tsp Cumin powder
1/2 tsp  Chana Masala Powder

For Coriander Chutney:
2 teaspoon curd
1 green chilli
Handful Coriander

For Waffles-

  • Preheat waffle iron. Mix and whisk together flour, soy milk, vegetable oil, pumpkin purée, mashed potato, baking powder, salt just until smooth.
  • Brush preheated waffle iron with oil. Pour the ladleful of batter onto the hot waffle iron. Cook until golden brown.

For Filling-

  • Mix paneer, coriander, corn, salt and chat masala together.

For the Hummus-

  • Blend all ingredients well together.

For Chutney-

  • Blend all the ingredients well.

For Assembling

  • Place one waffle on plate, apple coriander chutney, hummus and place the prepared filling.
  • Now place other waffle on top. Serve immediately.