Ranveer Brar


Let the festivities begin!

Kolkata loves its food to the point of pride; Durga Puja especially is a time when the city puts out the best it has to offer, in all its finery. Ask any Bengali, or a food lover, even, what Durga Pujo means to them and you cannot miss that flicker of happiness in their eyes. […]

Fasting – the science beyond

That time of the year again when I start thinking fondly of pandal hopping. A mere recall of the Niramish bhog and my ever favourite Bhog er Khichuri, gets the taste buds salivating. Well, the feast is another story for another time. Let’s talk about fasting. We have long since established a scientific logic prevailing […]

Magic is in the Tadka

Ask any seasoned Indian home cook about the true foundation of a dish and the reply is bound to be Tadka. Call it Baghar, chaunk, vaghar, phodani and much more in different vernaculars, tempering is a crucial step in Indian cooking that sets the basics right. Now tempering in Asian terminology is different from the […]

Self actualising… through food

A theory of dish hierarchy (A six part series ) Creativity, art and food go hand in hand. Crazy, borderless thinking and stretching the limits of the known is the key to all things creative. And yet it is when there is a method to this madness that the whole comes together. The science of […]

The sweet culinary heroes of Old Delhi

In the streets of a city lives its soul. Whenever I am travelling, I try to imbibe the culture of the city through its streets. Some Indian cities are treasure troves of secrets and stories that are hidden in its streets. Old Delhi is one of them. Ghanteywaala halwai and Ashok Chaat shutting shop was […]

Malpua through a magnifying glass…

I went for an Iftar trail through Mohammad Ali Road, a tradition ingrained in me from my origins in Lucknow. Ramzan is the time when the real food and foodies come out in the evenings for a true feast of all senses. A time when there is colour, aroma, flavour and love in the air. […]

The Humble Banana

Some aspects of our diet are sometimes just taken for granted. Take breakfast for example, the most important meal of the day that gets least attention. Similarly bananas are another aspect of our diet that’s “there” and needs no speaking about in the age of strawberries and fruit exotica. Well for starters, banana is a […]

Decoding Umami

Umami, is a much-talked about taste these days. Thanks to the Japanese, we’d say, let’s wait and talk about Umami for a moment; because while it was the last taste perception to be discovered, it actually plays a key role in a dish. Umami is present in some form in all foods. Umami is Japanese […]

Stay Cultured!

Revival of fermentation and how India is catching up….. World over, the phenomenon of fermentation and preserving food by bacterial action is both an ancient art and a hot new trend. Indian chefs are delving deep into the science of bacterial action on food and discovering the beauty of the concept.What we are also discovering […]

The Paan trail

In my travels for food, Benares holds a very special place for its 24 hour “naashta” culture and for the reverence for Paan. The paan is a matter of great study and every aspect related to it is either a custom or a ceremony. I have to say after the cooks (Or In Benares even […]