Rava Dosa

Prep: 10 minutes + resting time | Cook: 10 minutes | Servings: 2


1 cup Rava

1 cup Rice Flour

2 Green Chillies, chopped

5-6 Curry leaves, chopped

2 tsp Ginger, finely chopped

2 tsp Cumin, grounded

2 tbsp Coriander leaves, chopped

1 cup Onions, chopped

Oil as required

Salt to taste


  • In a large bowl add all the ingredient except onions and mix it well
  • Now add water , mix it well and make a flowing, thin batter
  • Now rest the batter for 20 mins
  • After 20 mins mix the batter again.
  • In a hot pan add oil, some onions and with the help of ladle  pour some batter on the pan
  • Cook until its golden brown and flip to other side and cook for 30 seconds
  • Serve with green chutney