Chicken manchurian

40 minutes
Prep: 15 mins + (45mins Marinating time ) | Cook: 25 mins | Servings: 4

Ingredients for Marination

350 gms Chicken breast boneless

1 tsp Ginger garlic paste

Salt to taste

½ tsp White pepper

1 Egg

1 heaped tbsp Cornstarch

1 tbsp oil

Oil to deep fry

Ingredients for sauce

1 Red bell pepper diced

1 Green bell pepper diced

½ inch Ginger chopped

3 cloves Garlic chopped

2 tbsp Coriander chopped

2-3 nos Green chillies chopped

Oil 1 tbsp

1 tbsp Oyster sauce

½ tsp Soya sauce

4 tbsp Tomato ketchup

1 tsp black pepper

¼ cup water

Cornstarch slurry

Ingredients for Garnish

Spring onion chopped 1 tbsp

Coriander sprigs 5-6 nos


  • For the marination , mix all ingredients other than oil and cornstarch and leave for 45 minutes
  • Add oil and cornstarch to the chicken after 45 minutes and mix well , Fry on slow to medium heat till cooked from inside
  • Dice and chop the veggies , keep aside
  • In hot oil add the chopped veggies , saute for a minute , add diced veggies and saute for another minute , add the sauces and cook for 2 minutes
  • Add chicken , a little water and slurry till boil and remove
  • Garnish with coriander and scallions and serve hot