Apple and Fennel Salad

Prep: 10 mins | | Servings: 2


1 cup Fennel, cut into strips

2 tbsp Celery, cut into small cubes

½ cup Apple, cut lengthwise

¼ cup Red Raddish, small roundels

¼ cup Walnuts


For Dressing

2 tbsp Olive oil

2 tsp Lime juice

1 tsp Apple cider vinegar

1 tsp Honey

Salt to taste


For Garnish

4-5 Parmesan strips

Few Coriander sprigs


  • For the salad, toss all the ingredients together and place on the serving plate.
  • For the dressing mix all the ingredients and drizzle it over the salad.
  • Now garnish the salad with parmesan strips and coriander sprigs and serve immediately.