Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothie with Plum and Apple


For jam :
• 1 red apple
• 1 green apple
• ½ lemons
• 3 tbsp sugar
• 2 plums

For smoothie :
• 8 - 10 strawberries
• Ό cup honey
• 1 cup curd
• ½ cup milk

For garnish :
• 1 strawberry
• 2 roasted bread

• To prepare jam peel the red and green apple and remove the seeds.
• Finely chop the apples and add to the bowl. Chop the plum too. Add lemon juice, sugar, chopped plum and mix well. Cover the bowl with plastic sheet. Keep in the microwave for 10 to 15 minutes.
• After the jam is prepared remove the plastic sheet and mash the jam. Ground in the blender and remove in a bowl.
• To prepare smoothie in a mixer add strawberry, honey, curd, milk, ice and blend it.
• In a glass add the prepared jam and add the prepared Smoothie. To Garnish chop strawberry. Place half strawberry on the rim of the glass and chop the half strawberry into slices and place it on the smoothie.
• Discard the roasted bread edges and apply prepared jam to it. Cut the bread into triangles and serve with smoothie.

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