Me and My Work

  • Focus

    This is definitely one of the biggest gifts that food has given me . Right from creating a dish in your mind to making it in your kitchen and then plating and garnishing it there needs to be complete focus.

  • Laksa

    The signature Broth of south east asia. Sweet sour and spicy have never come together better.

  • Ayushmaning

    We cooked some pasta together ,
    was fun

  • Dimsums

    Chef Yan Jun , my chinese chef at The Claridges was a true master of this art . He instilled a great sense of respect in me for these little chinese wonders.

  • Visions of food

    Trying to see the food in my head before it materializes on the plate ..@ the sets of snack attack

  • Beet Hummus

    A Styling job done for a top angle shot . Yeah I made is as well :)

  • Feast for the Girls

    Genelia came for a quiet lunch and look at what we filled up her table with . light eating ? Not on my watch :)

  • Brie n Pernod

    Cheese and Liqeuer has been my favourite topic of study and experimentation

  • Wat a guy

    Great guy at heart and a great workout buddy , definitely a winner

  • Chapati Noodles

    Of all the Tv shows I have done , snack attack has challenged me the most creatively

  • Wat do I say now

    Lolo is an awesome , graceful ,stunning beauty and that's an understatement

  • Crostini , Upside down

    Some marinated watermelon with Ciabatta and arugula pesto

  • Now you see what I do

    Hahaa... I remember Ayushman started sweating the moment we switched on the gas

  • Dorra Kebab

    A classic that I am in love with , so much so that I take it where ever I go

  • Punjabi at heart

    The three Singhs Bhairav Singh , Ranveer Singh and the bearded Sweety Singh taken during a punjabi food festival

  • Flash Seared Tuna Belly

    I became enamored with Tuna in Boston . The quality that we got there was mindblowing . Dishes just "created" themselves

  • Rolling up the sleeves

    A clear cut pose for the channel advertisement .. Haha

  • Watermelon..Another Awesome Ingredient

    Grilled water melon with tomato, pistachio and reduced cabernet sauvignon vinega

  • With shilpa Shetty

    She just refuses to go beyond the salad .. So I have never "cooked" for her

  • English Hi Tea

    I Styled this shot for the Claridges. The pic and the concept just fell in place with the character of the hotel

  • Punjabiyat

    He is a pure Punjabi in all aspects but 1 .. His eating .. Its way too regimented

  • Italian Food

    Italian food has always been my forte and my most preferred cuisine to cook and eat and that's not going to change

  • The team

    Chef javed Merchant , a true artist of pastry and Chef Bhairav singh a gritty Rajput, you inspire me guys

  • Jackfish and beet risso

    A Must try combination .This dish of mine featured in the Book "celebrated chefs of India "

  • Breakfast Express

    My first Show at Zee , so many good memories.

  • Liquorice sponge with green apple, lime and chocolate sorbet

    Not my Creation but I have to acknowledge that the flavor combinations are divine "

  • Blessed to be on the Sunny side of cooking

    Reflecting on . my blessings and the fun that I had in Breakfast Express.

  • Nalli Nehari

    I love this dish not just because I am from lucknow but it also represents the poor peasants "naashta" (breakfast) and has clearly come to gain stardom with time

  • Waiting ..

    Waiting for the oatmeal cookie to finish

  • Moroccan Food

    North African food in general and Moroccan food in particular has been a fascination because of its African , French and Middle eastern Influences

  • At Ease

    I was never a camera friendly person .. Gotta thank Gaurav jang , Lopa Mudra and Devdas Menon for keeping me smiling always

  • Pecan and Peanut Butter Brownie

    Another American delish dish that I feel a lot for . I think I did a decent styling for this one

  • Satisfaction

    The dish on my right was a dessert lasagne , as ort of sweet apple bake and I was super satisfied with how it showed up.

  • Red Wine Poached Pear

    I love the simplicity of this classic , both in terms of look and taste

  • Last Day of shoot .. Snack Attack

    The Grin was coz it was tiring schedule and I was getting married the week after.

  • Salmon, Cream Cheese and Gari

    Japanese influence on modern cuisine is unmatchable and unstoppable

  • Giving back

    I Love cooking and I love inspiring people to cook even more , I am regularly taking culinary workshops and doing demos to get the fire going.

  • Salmon medley

    Gavadlax ,Cigar smoked and as tartare , served with Indian spiced pickles

  • The Creative Cookshop

    A series of cooking workshops started by ZEE , and awesome initiative by and for people passionate about food.

  • Shrimp and Scallop Amuse

    One of my signatures at Banq in Boston , the quality of shrimp and scallops still gets my mouth watering .

  • Skate with enokis and Trout roe sauce

    Skate wing is another ingredient that I must have used in at least a couple of dozen ways , pure awesomeness.

  • Pure posing

    one for the camera .. Hahhaaaaa.

  • Smoked Carmelised apple with Buttermilk yolk , rose macaroon , bourbon anglaise

    when Chef Javed proposed this Dessert for a VIP dinner ,i thought it was too much happening on a plate. Amazingly , I was wrong .

  • Strawberry and Rhubarb Three ways

    Another Beautiful combination , for the color , flavors and the versitality of these ingredients .

  • Snack Attack

    The Show that really kicked it for me.

  • Breadart

    Love the Simplicity of the pic.

  • Riceballs

    Created this singapore Inspird dish with an indian twist for my show "Breakfast Express".

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