Mango Tarts


• Tart Dough : as required
• Kidney Beans : 1 cup
• Mango: 1 no.

For Custard:
• Milk : 250 ml
• Sugar : ½ cup
• Custard : as required
• Butter : 2 tbsp

For garnish:
• Mint Leaves

• Put the prepared dough in the tart moulds and trim the sides.
• Put kidney beans in the tart moulds and bake at 200 degree Celsius for 7 to 8 minutes.
• To make the custard add sugar in boiled milk then add the custard powder and keep on stirring.
• Put the custard in a bowl and keep it aside to cool
• Mix butter in the custard, and Put the custard in a piping bag.
• Remove the kidney beans from the tart and fill it with the custard with the help of the piping bag.
• Keep the mango tarts in the plate
• Garnish it with mint leaves.

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