Food Fables

  • King of Fall

    I remember the first change of seasons in Boston…. Suddenly the air was chillier, the greenery was missing,
    all the restaurant Menus changed and lo and behold there was pumpkin everywhere in shapes and sizes , from the pumpkin spiced lattes to the pumpkin pies to the Halloween decorations

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  • Frozen in History…

    Contrast.. one thing that has always entertained mankind. And elements of contrast in food are as fascinating today as they were always. They always
    leave food memories.
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  • Going up in smoke……and other stories

    Growing up in Lucknow there are many unique cooking styles that you come across .”Zameendoz“ (cooking under the earth ) , “dum pukht” (the world famous art of slow cooking ) and “Dhungaar”(the quick cold smoking of kebabs)are some .
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  • Bitter is better

    The tastes as we know it are Sweet, Sour, Salty, Umami and bitter . Of The last two, one is less known and the other less liked. Well lets talk about the less liked taste today, lets talk about Bitterness.Ever since we grew up we have related to bitter as the taste of medicines or poison and that subconsciously triggers our brain to spit out something unexpectedly bitter.
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  • Quinoa … the “wonder grain” and other stories

    The supermarkets, newspapers and magazines these days are obsessed with preaching the benefits of Quinoa, The Inca grain that has made the Andes farmers super rich .I know I sound like I have something against this 800 year old grain or the farmers from Peru and Bolivia but its not so.
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  • Sevain : story of the Indian vermicelli

    I grew up in a rural Punjabi setting and one of the most fascinating sites that I remember was my grandmother deftly rolling seviyaan (indian vermicelli ) on an inverted ghada (pot) I used to thing she was quick till I entered the google and youtube age and saw that there were Chinese chefs who could make upto 5000 lomian noodles a minute , by hand of course!
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  • The Pungent Culinary Wonder

    Mustard oil — the one love-it-or-hate-it ingredient that is essential to an Indian kitchen. Whether it is the Nawabs of Lucknow or the cooks of Calcutta, all of them swear by this pungent culinary wonder. Mustard oil is key in making nihari, the classic Lucknow lamb trotter stew.
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