Multi Grain Crespelle with Soya Milk Alfredo,

Tamarind Tomato Fondue


For Crespelle
• Multigrain Flour - 150 gms
• Refined Flour - 50 gms
• Eggs - 2 nos
• Milk - 400 ml
• Olive Oil - 20 ml

For Alfredo Sauce :
• Unsalted Butter - 5 gms
• Low fat Cream - 20 ml
• Chopped garlic - half tsp
• Soya Milk - 150 ml
• Parmesan Cheese - 20 gms
• Crushed black pepper - half tsp

For Tamarind Tomato Fondue :
• Blanched and Deseeded Tomatoes or (Pelati Tomatoes in juice is preferable) - 200 gms
• Chopped Onions - 15 gms
• Chopped Garlic - 5 gms
• Bouquet Garni (thyme, celery, leeks and bay leaf) about 5 gms tied in a muslin cloth
• Star anise - half
• Tamarind paste - 1 tsp
• Sherry Vinegar ( Optional) - 1 tsp
• Jaggery or Castor Sugar - 50 gms
• Saffron threads - about 10 threads

• In a bowl ,whisk together egg,milk, multigrain flour and salt,a little olive oil .Whisk to a smooth batter.
• Heat a non stick pan with olive oil.Pour with a ladel or spoon the crespelle batter and tilt the pan to distribute the batter.Cook crespelle until golden brown and remove.
• Melt butter, sautι the garlic until slightly golden brown in colour, add cream, stirring until smooth.
• Pour in Soya Milk slowly and cook for a while stirring continuously. Stir in parmesan and pepper. Stir and remove from heat when sauce reaches desired consistency..
• Peel and deseed tomatoes. If pelati (peeled tomatoes in juice) is used, just dice the tomatoes and use the juice for this preparation.
• In a heavy bottomed casserole or a non stick pan, sweat onions, garlic and star anise in olive oil on a low heat. Cook for 15 minutes.
• Add blanched and deseeded tomatoes or Peeled (Pelati Tomatoes). Cook on a slow heat stirring continuously and for a few minutes. Put the bouquet Garni ( aromatic herbs as mentioned tied in a muslin cloth) to give flavors.
• Add sherry vinegar, and tamarind paste .Stir well and add Jaggery or castor sugar. Cover the pan and leave on a low heat for about 40 mts to 1 hr. Remove the bouquet garni and strain in to the fondue pot.
• Pour a little warm water over the saffron. Allow it to stand for 10 minutes and add to the fondue pot.

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