Avocado and Mango Mousse


• 225 gms Mango Puree
• 100 gms Avocado Pulp
• 12 gms Gelatine
• 105 gms Honey
• 70 gms Egg Whites
• 150 gms Low Fat Whipped Cream

• Hydrate gelatine with some cold water.
• Melt the hydrated gelatine on a double boil.
• Warm mango puree and dissolve melted gelatine in it.
• Mix the avocado pulp along with the mango puree.
• Boil honey to 112 C, as the honey reaches 112 C, start whipping the egg whites.
• Once the honey reaches 118 C, pour it into the whipped egg whites in a single stream.
• And keep whipping until it cools down.
• Add in the fruit pulp mix gently.
• Lastly fold in the whipped cream.
• Portion the mousse in individual glasses and let it set in the refrigerator.
• Garnish and serve cold.

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