Baked Oondhiyo


For The Green Chutney
• 3/4 cup chopped coriander (dhania)
• 4 green chillies
• 1 tsp lemon juice

For The Garlic Chutney :
• 10 garlic (lehsun) cloves (lehsun)
• 2 tsp chilli powder

For The Sweet and Sour Sauce
• 3/4 cup jaggery (gur)
• 1/2 cup tamarind (imli)
• 1/2 tsp chilli powder
• salt to taste

Other Ingredients
• 750 gms surti papdi (fresh vaal)
• 500 gms purple yam (kand)
• 250 gms potatoes
• 250 gms sweet potato (shakarkand)
• 2 to 3 brinjal (baingan / eggplant)
• 1 tsp carom seeds (ajwain)
• 1 tsp ginger - green chilli paste
• 1/4 tsp baking soda
• 1 to 2 tbsp oil
• lettuce leaves
• salt to taste
• green chutney , garlic chutney , sweet and sour sauce , sev and oil (optional) to serve

• For the green chutney
• Blend all the ingredients in a liquidiser.
• Keep aside.

For the garlic chutney
• Blend all the ingredients in a liquidizer.
• Keep aside.

For the sweet and sour sauce
• Blend all the ingredients except coriander in a liquidizer. If too thick, add enough water to get the right consistency. Keep aside.

How to proceed:
• String the papadi. Do not separate into two.
• Peel the kand and cut into big pieces.
• Cut the potatoes and sweet potatoes without peeling.
• Make slits on the brinjals.
• Mix all the vegetables. Apply the ajwain, chilli-ginger paste, soda bi-carb and salt. Mix thoroughly and apply the oil all over.
• In a small earthen pot (matka), put a few leaves of lettuce at the bottom. Fill with all the vegetables and cover with the balance lettuce leaves.
• Cover the matka with an earthen lid and bake in a hot oven at 200 degree c (400 degree f) for 1 hour.
• Alternatively, instead of cooking in a matka, wrap the vegetable mixture (without lettuce leaves) in alluminium foil and bake in a hot oven at 200 degree c (400 degree f) for 1 hour.
• Serve with green and garlic chutneys and sweet and sour sauce, oil and sev.

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